Foodstuff, (natural) cosmetics and animal products are our main competence. We share our expertise to you through our services. You are able to expand your knowledge in our educational courses. Or maybe you want us to ease your life by doing your product development.

Your wishes and needs are fundamental base to our service customization. All our services are customizable and they are also available online. Click images for more information.

Other services


  • calculation for forests potential to produce natural ingredients
  • organic certification (

Cultivation plans

We plan crop rotation which is based on plants´ special requirements. It can include fertilization and/or liming.

Production design

We help you to purchase technology for your production and to design your logistics.

Self controlling plan, HACCP

We plan self controlling plan for you. One model is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points principles).

Project application filling


Teaching material, reports, research, articles etc.

We also investigate the quality of raw materials and/or products.